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Carefully choose office furniture to create the perfect job

Carefully choose office furniture to create the perfect job

Release time:
2018/09/11 17:26
The office is the place where many white-collar workers live the longest except for the opening of the house. The office is the second home of many people. Therefore, office furniture purchases should also be cautious. Buying office furniture should be as healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable as buying furniture at home. With the rapid development of the furniture industry, the styles of office furniture that have always been very old-fashioned have been greatly improved in style, and various novel styles are emerging one after another.
The purchase of office furniture is the same as buying clothes. The more styles, the more difficult it is to choose. The more styles, the easier it is to pick the eye, but no matter how the style of office furniture changes, the three laws of purchase can always be used for reference.
Learn more about purchasing skills before purchasing office furniture so that you can buy satisfactory office furniture. When deciding to purchase, you must find out what the material of this office furniture looks like. The surface materials of general office furniture are different from the actual materials, such as desks, office chairs, and legs. Hardwood, such as ash, eucalyptus, etc., as the main material, can hold relatively heavy objects, and the internal materials generally use relatively inferior materials, such as artificial boards. We need to open the file cabinet door and the drawer door to see inside. There is no trace of decay and insect biting in the inner material. You can lick it with your fingernails. If you break in, it means that the inner material is decaying. After opening the file cabinet door, smell it with your nose. If it is flushed, glaring, or tearing, it means that the formaldehyde content in the glue is too high, which will be harmful to the human body, which means that the formaldehyde of this product exceeds the standard. After the office is renovated, it will contain formaldehyde. If you buy office furniture with excessive formaldehyde, this will seriously affect the health of the staff.
When purchasing office furniture, you should also carefully check whether the office furniture is dry. Generally, the wood containing water is easy to warp and deform, and the office furniture made of such materials will be deformed, and severe cracks will occur. The moisture content of office furniture can't exceed 12%, but when consumers buy it, we don't have test equipment to test it. We can use hand touch method to touch the bottom of the office furniture or the place where there is no paint inside. Feeling tidal, then the water content is at least 40%, we will not buy this time. Another way is to sprinkle a drop of water on the unpainted wood. If the sputum is particularly slow or not, the moisture content is high. You can also tap it with your hand. If it is a dull sound, the moisture content is high. After the renovation of the office, the interior was wet. If you buy office furniture with a high water content, it would be difficult to dry the office furniture. Water content directly affects the future use of office furniture and may also affect the appearance of office furniture.
In the final office decoration experts will also teach you a way to choose, is to check whether the structure is firm. We can do a simple test when you buy, such as a gentle fall, listen to the sound of the fall. You can also sway and sit down to see if the structure is active. You can buy more sturdy office furniture by looking at it.
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